My Christian Journey

by Dr. Nalin Shah


By Dr. Norvel L. Hayes

I have known Dr. Shah for many years. He has been coming to my conventions every year for more than fifteen years. He loves to go places where the Word of God is being taught and preached. Why? Because the Word of God is good food for your spirit, your mind, and body. God said, “I have sent my Word to heal you” (Psalm 107:20) and that means any part of you that is sick.

You are going to really like this book called – “My Christian Journey” – by Dr. Nalin Shah. He has his clinics where people come for help and they get help, both in America and India. Dr. Shah is good speaker himself. He is not afraid to witness to whoever wants to hear what Jesus has done for him. Thank God for His servant, Dr. Shah.

I am so honored to write this foreword for a fine man like Dr. Shah. I am proud and thankful that he is my true friend.


This book is dedicated to God, my Loving Father, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit, my Paraclette – to the whole triune God. And also to my loving and supportive wife, Peggy Sue (Susma) and my children, Chirag, Neesha, Steve, Cliff, Tamra and my granddaughter Sommer Alexis.

A special thanks to Shushma Parmar, Subodh Shah, Sadgun Parmar, Kaushik Shah and Paurav Shah for helping me with this manuscript.

Dr. Nalin Shah

M.B.B.S., B.Sc. (Medical)

F.C.A.P., F.A.S.C.P.,

F.A.A.O.A., F.A.I.A.I.

A.B.E.M. (USA)

Table of Contents

1. My Hindu Background, Conversion and Christian Journey

2. The Christian Journey Continues

3. My Prayer Life


This presentation of the Word of God was made at the Pastors’ Conference in Ahmedabad, India, in January, 2003. This book is the result of my presentation there. Please keep this in mind when reading this book. I trust you will be as blessed with God’s eternal Word as much as they were at the conference.


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